Victoria Trotman

I design to bring people happiness and tools for a good life. Making products that leave the user with a feeling or lasting memory is important to me. My final year projects focused on creating tools for a better and easier life for young adults. I am excited at the thought of opportunities to come.
I've worked commercially at Kast concrete Basins, drawing technical specifications, liaising with customers and suppliers from Dubai to America. Before moving to the university, working with the woodwork shop on smaller bespoke projects, both on my own and as part of a team.
Innovation workshops and hands on development are important to me as nothing is better than seeing issues or design problems for yourself. This way you can create innovative solutions that you know work for your target market. We design to improve people's lives, and it's great when you can see how your hard work has paid off.

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A totem and techniques based on connecting people to their present, using a physical tool to ground and focus during times of big change like moving to university. Designed as a gift from one loved one to another, connection has no right or wrong way to be used. It’s about personalising your experience to get the most benefit.
Choice of material is up to the user, the open packaging with the cord un-looped promotes the user to wear it as they wish, as a necklace or loose in their pocket. An organic shape with a thumb indent in the back, provides varying surfaces which a user can trace patterns upon, encouraging mindful thought. The totem with the techniques can be combined to create routines.
The project inspiration came from friends and their own struggles with mental health. Talking with friends the designer was able to recognise her journey and the importance of creating communities where people can feel connected. Connection’s subtlety is important in removing stigma and providing a middle ground for those who are noticing an impact on their health.
Material exploration was important with a tactile object, creating something comfortable, that people could carry everywhere, like lucky stones, or a child’s favourite toy.

Get Set

GET SET is a fresher’s welcome box focused on the experience of university students and how with a combination of products and brands the transition can be made easier. The box addresses socialising, nutrition, finance, exercise and sleep. All areas which if left unchecked can lead to poor well-being.
DIG IN are looking to provide a full experience for the brands in their box and this was a key part of development, selecting items for the students that also seamlessly matched with brands. Items had to be cost effective and eye grabbing so students could see the value in them.
A key part of the design process was the focus groups asking students what they wish they had known before coming to university, which lead to a well-rounded box tackling important issues for students.
Items included in the box were; a budget whiteboard which students could learn some basic budgeting techniques, or a door hanger to encourage students to move between each other’s rooms and make getting to know each other that bit easier.

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