Zirui Zhuang

I have invaluable experience working with Fablab O Shanghai, as well as the British-owned hot tub manufacturer, Blue Whale Spa. I want to be a designer who focus on culture and user experience.


Zhu is a pair of chopsticks that is made for people who suffer from hand tremors. Chopsticks are one of the most important tableware in East Asia. Medical issues such as seizures, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and essential tremors, make it difficult for people to use their chopsticks and enjoy their food with their family. Because chopsticks is a cultural inheritance, it is important to keep this tradition and yet find out a way to sort the problem.
The idea of this product is to combine two parts of the chopsticks together. Because of the connection, the whole structure will be easier to control and concentrate the gripping force. There will be grooves at both sides of the chopsticks, where the customers can place their fingers. These grooves will help people to hold the chopsticks. The curves are designed and inspired by the shape of the human hand, all the curves will fit in an East Asian consumer’s hand.
The material for this specific product is food-grade carbonate and this product will be semi-transparent. This material will offer high resistance to heat. The semi-transparent body will make sure that there will not be any melt of the human-made colour layer when there is an interaction with hot food, reducing any risk of poisoning and ensuring customer safety. This material is also easy to blend and it’s great for this product.
There are two main hand gestures to hold chopsticks, and both of the gestures were considered in this design. This product can be held in several positions and will still be beneficial.


Backflow Sandalwood incense is a special kind of sandalwood, it burns out smoke with high density and it will flow around like a river.
This project is to design an incense holder for backflow sandalwood incense. The concept is to bring traditional Buddhism culture into modern home deco design and break the boundaries of religion and ordinary life. This design should be visual appealing and dig out the best application of backflow sandalwood. The aim of this design is to have a Buddhism related background with a very modern appearance.
The final outcome of this design is a mountain map which is based on the 3D geographical structure of Mount Kailash. Mount Kailash is a holy mountain in Buddhism culture. This design developed from the peak and the ravine of the holy mountain, simplified the whole run of the mountain range into geometric shapes. There will be small sections in this design that customers can grow their own moss. Because the whole design is made from concrete, growing moss will balance it and make it more vivid. When customers light up the sandalwood, the smoke will go around the mountain and make it look like a mountain hidden in the sea of clouds.

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