Alex Bock

I am a creative and driven multi-disciplinary designer. I strive to create elegant designs that improve the day to day lives of the user. Designs focus on natural materials, sustainability, quality and creativity with an inherent Nordic/ Japanese reference but a global appeal.

I have experience in workplace interiors, advertising and event production. Previously working for Insightful Environments (partnered with Steelcase) and the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy implementing a range of skills in interior design, graphics, branding and creative marketing.

As an individual I am eager to take on new challenges to broaden my knowledge and skillset.

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With a sustainable ethos, Melede was designed to explore a culture change and reflect Scandinavian influence within the workplace.

The world of work has changed. In today’s workplace, people are seeking inspiring spaces that make them want to come to work. There’s mounting evidence that the Danish way of life is beneficial. This has been widely recognised and implemented within corporate environments. Businesses are becoming accustomed to the role design plays in their success, people expect and demand more from their workplaces.

Melede blends Scandinavian simplicity, with both traditional, organic timber alongside new sustainable materials creating a natural and light aesthetic.

The project followed Bolia’s design DNA. Bolia collaborate with Steelcase to produce a number of products for the workplace. The design needed appeal to the commercial environment as well as retail.

Melede offers flexibility for specifying on commercial interior design projects. Offered in a black or white table top with natural or black stained oak. The product is ideal for placement in large open-plan break out areas or even a studio flat.

Melede expresses simplicity through its details. With sustainability at the heart of the design philosophy matched with craft and quality, built to last and a sustainable choice.


High noise levels are one of the biggest complaints that employees have about their workplace. Noise pollution in the workplace is caused by a combination of factors; phones ringing, electronic equipment humming, chairs scraping and most significantly people talking.

This is exacerbated by the large number of people in close proximity and the spaces themselves which offer no protection against noise reverberations.

Akustak endeavours to improve employee well-being in a number of ways.

Firstly, by offering sound dampening through absorption and diffusion cladding. Secondly, through its flexibility and modularity, meaning employees and interior designers have the freedom to choose what they want and how they want it. Lastly, its Scandinavian influence and design sensitivity with use of biophilia, have been linked to increased wellness and productivity and a decrease in anxiety levels.

Akustak is available in a number of heights and widths with a choice of shelves or planters... With its clever but simple modular design, you can choose to section off areas such as a workbench or corner off break-out areas or even build a wall of plants. With Scandinavian design influence at its core the product is made completely from natural materials with a sustainable ethos.

Please contact directly to find out more about this project.


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