Ben Abell

I’m an experimentative designer inspired by material capabilities and natural forms, and their application to minimalist and subtle design scenarios, which brings a uniqueness to my concepts. I have highly developed interpersonal presentation skills and communicative CAD work.

+44 7513 437246


Spira, derived from the form of its spiral shade, provides a unique twist on a bedside light.
Inspired by natural forms the light’s shape is generated from the pliability of continuous strips of water-bent Birch Aeroply. Stained black, the laser cut material requires little additional finishing, and is complimented by the electrical supply cable woven through the curved stem like a vine, to meet the ‘flowering’ spiral shade.


Doppio is a hallway bench made from two distinctly different materials; recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and natural Danish oil finished Ash. There is a worldwide push to achieve an increased level of sustainability and reusing plastic in furniture is relatively unique when integrated with more conventional interior furniture materials.
Inspired by modern and subtle minimalist design, the piece is simple, lightweight and could be marketed with different coloured HDPE inserts for the seat & feet to suit different interiors. The HDPE for the prototype was a mix of milk & bleach bottles collected at NTU.


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