Ben Whittaker

I am a practical designer who enjoys spending time in the workshop experimenting and creating products to use in everyday life. Design has allowed me the opportunity to expand my practical skills which started when completing art and design projects at school. I like designing items for a modern environment as I relate to minimalistic forms. I feel that furniture products should be practical with a highlight of interest.

The skills learnt from my years at NTU have shaped me into the designer I am today, and I am looking forward to the next step in my creative pathway.

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Skroo Coffee Table

Skroo is a modern coffee table which would fit into any home environment as well as the ability to be assembled and dissembled with ease. The tabletop which allows the user to reach the further into the middle shelf providing them with more accessible space.

Linseed oil-soaked Cherry wood table legs have been constructed with wooden threads which act as clamps securing the black Valchromat tabletop and shelf in place. This results in a strong joint without the need for glue.

Skroo is a table that can be assembled over and over again in under two minutes, allowing the user to pack up when required. The Skroo table has been designed with disassembly in mind to reduce the volume of space, the legs are able to be placed in between the cut out of the tabletop and the shelf when stored flat.

Ben Whittaker describes the Skroo coffee table as “a quality piece modern of furniture which uses traditional woodworking threads as one of its main features to add interest and practicality.” The Skroo table design creates endless opportunities to be expanded into a range of co-ordinated products such as shelving units, side tables, console tables and TV stands.

Carv Sideboard

The Carv sideboard is a modern and contemporary piece which explores the use of texture with its individually hand carved doors. The materials chosen in this design create a contrast with the use of highly textured quarter sawn ash and the simple rich black Valchromat, with the doors being the focus of the design. This stylish finish allows the Carv sideboard to be placed in any environment to act as a main feature of the room. The unit stands on a minimalist metal leg which was designed to keep the emphasis on the Carv doors, and they introduce a modern element to the sideboard. The leg was inspired by the image of picking up the unit and the legs bending to keep touching the ground.

In the design process many samples of textures and processes where explored, before the final hand carved finish was selected. This shows the versatility of the designer Ben Whittaker, who likes to explore many options whilst designing his furniture.
The unit is a hybrid of a sideboard and TV stand with a lower height than more sideboards. It provides internal shelving to maximize storage, with cable holes in the rear panel to allow electrical items to be placed in.

This design could be produced in a range of woods such as oak, cherry, walnut, and stained black ash, with the Valchromat carcass being available in a range of colours such as white and grey. The finish of the metal leg, hinges and handles could also be changed as required to suit a certain colour scheme.


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