Cheuk Hei Wong

Jacky WONG, Cheuk-Hei is born in Hong Kong and has studied in the UK since 15 years old. Having strong interest in furniture and design since high school and had involved in practical furniture and renovation projects during the summer holidays. With family business related to furniture design, Jacky has such enthusiasm on the furniture since young.

As a Hongkonger, Jacky has an ambition to design a piece of furniture which can significantly represent Hong Kong, i.e. furniture which blends the Chinese and Western culture or design a piece of furniture which can soothe the problem of HK people while living at a small flat.


The rationale and reasoning for the project stemmed from the lazy personality of the designer – wanting all necessities located next to himself without walking here and there to get this and that to avoid distraction while working, studying or watching movies. Otherwise, it will be rather inconvenient, more accurate as in feeling stressful, when it is required to get out of the bed to grab something when one is focusing on work.

The concept of this lazy project would be creating a multi-functioning furniture which at one time, as a furniture for storage to pair with other furniture at the bedroom to achieve uniqueness; and at the other time, to promote productivity of work by providing comfort for user to stay on bed.


People may feel annoying after they bought a flat pack furniture back home. They have to spend time on assembling that piece of furniture. This violates the design concept on every piece of design, designers spend time on designing their products to let users enjoy their them. However, the first moment users unbox their furniture is a problem, assembly by themselves. This design project is to design a piece of furniture that users do not feel stress while they unbox their furniture.


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