Chloe-Ruth Wood

I am a passionate and practical designer, who has an eye for detail. Throughout my work I have explored the idea of imperfection, designing pieces that embody this concept, demonstrating an ability to visualise and accomplish designs from brief through to making.

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Glow, the concrete pendant light was a collaboration project with Glow Lighting, an independent lighting company in North Yorkshire.

Different from their usual lighting and inspired by industrial design, this project experimented with the use of concrete as a pendant light along with different ways light could be emitted. This pendant embraces the imperfections in the concrete allowing light to glow from within the steel mesh.


"Art in any form, whether while creating or observing, it releases the feel-good hormones which helps you combat stress and pain. By letting you enjoy a sense of fulfilment.” -Unknown, 2017

Encase is a tranquil sideboard for the home. This project set out to design a piece of furniture for the home that provides its user with a sense of mindfulness. The oak end-grain angled door texture provides its users with a feel of modern tactility. The sideboard as a whole offers a sense of juxtaposition; a modern design with a traditional twist and the perfection of the metal frame vs the imperfection of the end-grain door texture.


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