Craig Mutch

Drawn to new ways of thinking. A keen interest in processes and materials have allowed me to design distinctive products. I am a versatile designer maker that creates products that challenge traditional conventions. I believe new designs should have a place and purpose in the world that improves on the current market. This philosophy has allowed me to challenge a replacement for animal derived materials in the upholstery industry with an Up-cycled waste product used by the large printing industry.

An internship at Kast Concrete Placements offered valuable knowledge allowing me to work on a new range of 3D patterned concrete basins, redesigning the manufacturing process including designing new moulds and being involved in all areas of the process.

Tensi Vase

Vases are often cylindrical-shaped that look devoid of style and character when flowers are not present. The vase is then often moved to be out of sight or left looking empty. The Tensi concept changes this by making the vase a piece of art, yet enhancing the beauty of the flowers and stems when the vase is in use.

I de-constructed the preconceived idea of vases, to create a concept that challenges how flowers could be displayed within a home.

Using a structural principle called tensegrity, I designed a concept that could offer a deeper connection with the user when arranging the flowers. It changes how the user would naturally interact with the vase through the materials and structural principle used. The final concept creates a floating illusion, purely through tension. It is sold flat-pack with a short self-assembly process, creating a unique modern vase that will never look out of place.

Sava Chair

The Sava Chair uses a single use waste product, produced by the large printing industry that is transformed into a suede-like fabric which replaces animal-derived materials in the upholstery industry.

This sustainable chair has been designed to exhibit the printing blanket that has been upcycled. The upcycled waste now resembles a suede-like material that is strong, robust and comes in a range of colours. The batch code displayed on the back of the chair, is the finish of the original blanket. The code differs on each blanket, offering a unique element for each chair where the history of the product can be traced.

The material can be detached from the frame so that recolouring or repairs to the fabric or frame can be undertaken. This allows the chair to be in a constant cycle of the circular economy. The all turned oak frame creates a strong and manufacturable structure that exhibits the upcycled material, showcasing its full potential.

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