Dan Fairley

Working with my hands was instilled in my upbringing and became an integral part of my life, moulding my passion for design. My education and experience in a variety of unfulfilling jobs confirmed my career needed to be in a creative field. Humanity is fundamental to my design philosophy, looking to identify the visible and ‘invisible’ need to create solutions that improve quality of life through inventive design. To me, design is about more than a pleasing product, it should develop emotion and a relationship between product and user, adding value to their life.

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The ‘Bend’ armchair considers minimalism as a method of sustainability to create a modern piece of interior furniture. The design of Bend exploits the benefits of CNC technology alongside recyclable material choices to create an intriguing, sustainable product. The quenched stainless steel frame is minimalist and simple, both in style and manufacture; bent and cut from a single piece of tube creating a sleek, ‘brush stroke’ aesthetic. Accompanied by a delicate ash seat, stained black to highlight beautiful grain details which entices user interaction. Combining delicate lines and sinuous form to create an elegant, short-stay armchair that is subtle enough to compliment the experience of any open plan living space. This contemporary piece of furniture combines art with design to create a sculptural yet functional chair. Bends innovative styling reinvents traditional steel tube chair design into that of high-end interior furniture.


Our favorite objects are those with a story, an emotional attachment which captures the mind, heart and body. We assign value to objects so much so, that we don’t want to let them go, we hold onto them for many years and even pass them on to family and friends. The physical and psychological relationship between users and their chairs is far more significant than with any other item of furniture. Meaning comes from how we interact and use furniture in our lives, the actual piece of furniture is only half of the story, how it connects with us and our lives, families and memories makes up the whole story.
The ‘Story’ Lounge chair is the beginning of a new experience, new memories, a new emotional attachment. Encapsulating alluring, contemporary style alongside materials which evoke the senses, creating a pleasurable visual and physical interaction. Utilizing features such as material relationships and joinery details, the lounge chair aims to create a deeper user-relationship, resulting in psychological fulfilment and emotional satisfaction, attaining a permanent place in the users’ life. An individual’s chair that everyone wants to sit in.


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