Daria Tuzova

I am a designer whose mission is to create lasting relationships between the user and the product. By developing an individual approach to each project and empathising the client, I aim to design objects that are a delight to use. My love for minimalism inspires me to challenge existing design solutions, offering a more intuitive and subtle ways of communicating the function.

Working for Inside Out Contracts, design consultancy, allowed me to become a highly adaptable employee. As a proactive individual, I strive to enhance my creative potential and use it for the benefit of society.

+44 7743 964136

Lola Bar Stool

At coffee shops during a busy hour, some customers choose to sit at the counter. It can be a lunch break, a get-together after work when there is no time to drop off unnecessary things or merely the result of recently-emerged trend of working in public spaces. All these scenarios but the result is the same - bags on the floor for anyone to take, on a table top, hung on the back of the stool or kept uncomfortably on one’s lap or back. This along with a constant worry for their possessions may hinder the customer experience.

This project aimed to offer the solution to this issue by challenging the existing concepts of storage through research into the relationships people form with objects. Working within the footprint of the bar stool has allowed to keep it to standard dimensions.The result was that carefully considered positioning of the metal rails became a tool to keep one’s belongings secure.

Lola Bar Stool is a versatile option for cafes of any style. The seat can be made out of oak or walnut and an upholstered pad can be added on request. Metal frame is powder coated to RAL of choice.

Otto Stand

Dressing table as we know it was introduced into domestic spaces in the 17th century. Since then the concept of it has not changed, which is amusing as the beauty routine has undergone numerous transformations throughout these three hundred years. This project was driven by the idea of design enhancement - evolving the existing object into a completely new product.

This was done by investigating how people get ready today, what issues they encounter and what they like about their current spaces. Many people claimed to get ready standing up. They have expressed the need for large mirrors in order to review a finished look and open shelves as some found themselves lacking the motivation to put things away into the drawers. The project aimed to address people’s feedback in a minimalist and user-friendly manner.

Otto Stand offers a fresh alternative to traditional dressing table. Inspired by primary shapes, large round mirror, not only allows people of various heights to use the unit comfortably but also does it act as a beautiful prop for their photos. This piece is available in oak and walnut to ensure it compliments a range of domestic environments.


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