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I am a bilingual visionary with a passion for creation. I have a powerful desire to leave my mark on this world in the form of great design. I was born in Moscow and found my passion for the arts at a very young age. Moving to the UK gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons and set my sights on becoming a product designer. As I have a natural talent for picking up new skills and excelling at them within a matter of days, I thrive in the design world.

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Online communities have formed part of the fabric of our day to day existence, and rule the market trends, so with alternative groups on average having a following of over 900 thousand, the market is being swayed more and more towards the non-traditional styles. Huge fashion and style retailers like BOOHOO and Wayfair are capitalizing on the enormous increase in alternative style popularity with products aimed at goth and alternative groups.
Vidimus effortlessly combines contemporary and Gothic, creating a fusion of two styles rarely found together.
This piece is inspired by old traditional Gothic architecture; populated with stained glass, arches, and hidden passageways. It embodies the ceremonial grandeur of our history’s greatest monuments and creates a striking profile in any room. Carefully made from British beech, and assembled by hand, the piece is made from 3 main parts. A gorgeous beech desk held up by stylishly splayed legs; a triptych mirror and glass panels surrounded by a thin line of leading; and a secret push-to-close drawer, perfect for storing your precious belongings.


With needle craft on the rise as the new gender-neutral hobby of the decade, the contemporary needle craft unit ‘Nemsi’ is the perfect companion.
Nemsi is a contemporary needle craft unit, designed for the modern crafter. Aimed at users of all ages and genders, this unit is a must have for any home. Nemsi boasts solid walnut exterior, with a hard maple drawer, and stylish brass inlays. The drawer is ideal for all crafty accessories like yarn, fabric, and patterns, while the top is easily accessible and perfect for the on-hand items like needles, scissors, and treads. The sleek style, and useful compactness of the item make it a perfect fit in any room of the home. The height is ideal for easy access to the top and bottom storage, no matter whether you are stitching on the sofa, or knitting before sleep.
This is unit is a must have for all your needle craft related needs. Nemsi provides the needed neutrality to the market, as well as honoring the standards of quality and excellence that this craft has come to expect and that its newcomers deserve.


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