Emily Black

I am a practical minded designer who has a strong belief in making scale prototypes. The sooner I transfer a design off the page and into a 3D form the more I connect with the design. I’ve realised that as a designer I take traditional concepts and apply my own modern twist to them; I have accomplished this frequently within my design work. When commencing a project, I try and connect to it immediately by using my past experience and emotions to drive the project forward. I have a huge passion for working with wood and take a very hands on approach.

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The society we live in today is all about revealing your life style on social media, from your cute coffee Instagram pictures to your holiday photos. The design embraces this culture as it allows you to display your favourite bottles of alcohol on a product you are proud to own. It is designed to stand out in the room when not in use and be a conversation starter with those large patterned wheels. I wanted to keep the traditional look of a drinks trolley with the brass look frame but add features which you normally wouldn’t see.

CLINK is a drinks trolley that combines traditional and contemporary designs to create this conversational piece in your home. It includes different features to make your life easier when making a drink while entertaining guests. A removable chopping board is included to cut fruit to accessorise your favourite drink and glass hangers to keep your glasses stored safely. The castors on the front of the trolley allows it to move in any direction making it easy to wheel around the home.


As a young girl I was mesmerised by my grandmas dressing table having three large mirrors, my reflection in the mirrors allowed me to see myself from various angles which truly fascinated me. I wanted to replicate this feeling in my design with the use of mirrors and reflection, to create a private personal space allowing the user to relax, get ready and take on the day or prepare for the evening.

My belief is that the dressing table is the most abused piece of furniture in the home. I wanted to embrace user habits by creating design details which catered for this. Designing the dish allows the user to throw jewellery onto it and hidden handles to conceal finger marks.

Heritage is a dressing table which transforms the three mirror concept and brings it into the 21st Century. Having three separate mirrors undertaking a different movement allows panoramic views of their face and head. The mechanism on the large central mirror enables it to tilt up and down therefore allowing the dressing table to be tailored for any user height. The right mirror twists in and out and the smallest mirror removes out of the table surface so the user can view the back of their head.


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