Georgia Cook

Designing products, packaging and furniture for enhanced experiences, my work focuses on consumer use and efficient design details, primarily through primary research to understand the market thoroughly within any project.

With a passion for sustainability and conscious design, wellbeing and equality, my values ensure that design output is responsible and true to current issues.

+44 7896 507770


The Olivia Burton x Georgia Cook ‘Boutique’ bedside table brings a luxury shopping experience into a consumers very own home, providing safe and practical storage for both everyday and occasion-wear jewellery; as a beautiful piece of furniture that acts as a permanent store installation.

With a perfectly organised jewellery tray, efficient watch section and secret hidden storage, ‘Boutique’ offers all the necessary compartments to ensure that the consumers most treasured pieces can be accessed easily but stored neatly.

‘Boutique’ is the ultimate way to store all of your jewellery in one, stylish space, as a design that compliments any home environment, appealing to a consumer that buys into quality and style; wanting nothing less for their jewellery storage.


The ‘sit+stand’ dressing table is designed for a modern and minimal home, as a sleek and efficient station for getting ready.

Allowing the consumer to stand or be seated on a stool or on the floor, the dressing table acts as a multi-use piece for one or two users, as the altering angles of mirrors ensure neither reflection is disrupted.

At a unique bar height, ‘sit+stand’ stands apart from competitors on the market as a more prominent piece of furniture for the bedroom. Featuring efficient storage for a consumers most used hair tools, makeup and perfume, this dressing table creates a separate space within a room for an enhanced experience of a typical beauty routine.


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