Jacob Collier

I am a furniture and product designer, with an interest in domestic furniture and personal homeware products. Often taking inspiration from Scandinavian and minimalist styles to produce functional pieces.

I find sketching to be the most effective tool for generating and expressing my ideas, before using sketch and cad modelling to refine details and functionality. Helping me create simple functional products which can improve domestic living.

I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration to improve my skills in all areas of design, including graphics and illustration.


“Modi” is a highly customisable, modular, simple workspace, designed to improve user functionality and organisation in the home office.”
Recent growth in customisable and modular furniture trends has seen modern consumers become increasingly interested in purchasing one of a kind personalised furniture pieces. Providing home office users with a design which is suitable for their functional needs as well suiting aesthetic tastes.
“Modi’ has been designed to be customisable on several levels. By changing the layout, combining materials, colour and draws consumers can build a desk which tailors to their individual needs. The simple draw system means that the draws can be removed easily allowing users to purchase and rearrange the draws over time. The functional modules are offered as an optional extra. These modules stack together and can be stored within the draws, with them helping users be organised in their workspace. These items along with the other modular aspects of the design offer potential for vast future expansion.
The customisable style of the design means that it can adapt to any home office environment, whilst the modular elements mean that users are provided with a long lasting workspace.


“Aurora” is a floor lamp inspired by natural lighting effects, which is designed to improve health and well-being through domestic lighting.
Depression and anxiety account for 40% of illness’s worldwide, whilst recent research has shown that colour psychology can be used to reduce the symptoms of these illnesses. Certain colours and tones can be used to improve moods and produce positive emotional responses. Aurora utilises colour psychology to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety in the domestic living environment.
Aurora uses patterned fabric light filters, these attach to the lamp shade through magnets, making them easy to apply and change depending on the atmosphere the consumer wants to create. When a colour filter is applied the light will fill the room with colour, creating atmosphere and influence positive emotional responses. The adjustable shade can be repositioned to any height or angle on the frame, to allow the light to be cast around the room, consuming the user and creating their desired atmosphere. Aurora is designed to bring natural lighting effects to the domestic living environment.
“Aurora combines colour psychology and lighting effects to create atmosphere, improve mood and influence positive emotional feelings.”

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