Joshua Smith Trow

I focus on modern contemporary projects, often aiming towards creating designs which heavily focus on consumer interaction. I strive to produce ideas which differ from the norm, whether that be within the products functionality, materials or appearance.


A modern contemporary coat storage solution designed for both commercial and domestic settings. Hang is inspired by the almost transparent form of wire frame furniture, allowing light to pass through the piece keeps the space still feeling open and airy. The frame consists of two parallel sections in the top half which then part ways to create a wide base. The product is perfectly balanced bare or fully loaded. The hangers are specially designed to suit the dual rail, making this product unique within the marketplace.

di Mossa

The ‘di Mossa’ sofa aims to be a stylish and desirable piece of furniture which utilises movement to produce alternative functions. The different positions of the arm allow the user to utilize the product in many different seating positions. The unconventional style is inspired by Italian furniture design brand Edra. The visible timber frame is the structure proudly on show, with the upholstery being constrained within. Overall this sofa aims to allow the user to get comfortable in any position for an array of different purposes.

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