Kate O'Rafferty

My time at university has taught me that the presentation, graphics, and branding for a product go hand in hand and can make a big impact. They define how a product is showcased to the world and determine how people react to it.

Simplicity and minimalism are principles that have allowed me to become the designer that I am today. What I enjoy most about design is being about to see my ideas come to life and being proud of them. I truly believe that outcomes are always better knowing that the design journey consisted of hard work and perseverance.

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JYRO is a statement pendant light. Its look is determined by the user and becomes the focal point within interiors. Influenced by minimalism, the light comes in matt black to provide a clean and sleek finish.

Inspired by gyroscopes, this light differs from others because of its qualities such as being able to tilt the inner two rings to a 45-degree angle and manipulating which direction the light goes. Suspended from a thin wire, the design looks like it is floating within mid-air. Available in several lengths, this wire also allows the height of the light to be adjusted, to best suit the interior.

Human beings are captivated by the night sky and the design of JYRO tries to recapture this same excitement. The LEDs are warm white with a dimmable feature to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Due to there being no coverings, each exposed LED symbolises the stars that people see when they look up at night. The tilting of the light not only represents a gyroscope but how the planets in the solar system tilt on their axis.


JUKU is a modernistic sofa that draws inspiration from minimal Japanese and Nordic design. The Japanese word Jūku translates to nineteen in English - this number symbolises the number of dowels that are within the product.

Leather straps help to keep cushions in place and can be easily removed. The back cushion can be moved to the armrest, allowing the user to lay down. A small side table on the end of the sofa allows items such as drinks, laptops, and home accessories to be placed.

During the project’s journey, the research found that many sofas and chairs were paired with a side table. JUKU’s concept was about combining these two elements within one piece of furniture.

The product is designed to be placed within domestic areas such as small space living. The need for a coffee or side table is eliminated due to there already being one incorporated within the design.

The product’s base is made from solid American oak which creates a durable surface for the seat cushions to sit on. The material’s lightness in colour also makes it ideal to fit in different interiors. The dowels were used because they provide strength whilst keeping it simple and sleek.

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