Lily Dean

My curiosity of the boundary between art and design has moulded me creatively; my style reflects an infusion of both, represented by the unique and bespoke work I have produced. I get real satisfaction from seeing my drawings turn into a finished piece that people will interact with and last year I got to asist in making products for real clients. I worked at four companies throughout my placement year, gaining hands on workshop experience. I am always keen to learn more about the manufacturing process, as I believe in order to design successfully a great understanding of how things are made is extremely important.

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Bond is a product that combines jewellery and furniture. This tall side table, combines the fine details in furniture with the art of jewellery making. A handmade sterling silver pendant subtly slots into the drawer handle, when you go to open the drawer you discover that the furniture is handing you a bespoke piece of jewellery. For him or her, this chunky silver necklace is simple and unisex. Putting the jewellery on show rather than storing it, makes this an intimate furniture piece for the home.

The height of the table makes a statement and adds elegance to this unique piece of furniture. Its standing height and when paired with a mirror makes a perfect getting ready area. It could go in a dressing room, hallway or a bedroom to create a special space. This is quite a sentimental piece that could be passed down through generations and used to store your most precious items.

Bond was designed as an art piece as well as a functional object. It focuses on the connection between jewellery and furniture, as well as the connection between people. Whether it is someone’s first piece of furniture, or if it’s gifted romantically, it will always have a special meaning to each user.


Pair is a chair designed for both pet and owner, creating a shared space for both to enjoy. Pets feel safe being near their owner and people get comfort from the company of their pets, this chair nurtures that bond while maintaining sperate personal spaces within the one piece of furniture. The angle on the pet arm of the chair creates an openness between these ‘separate spaces’ still allowing the user access to their pet while having the freedom of being able to get up without disturbing the animal.

All cushions are removable, and covers can be taken off and washed when they get dirty. This practical design can be accessed from the back and front, giving the pet more space to move around as well as making it a great option for open plan living. It is the ideal armchair for animal lovers.


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