Lynzi Ryans

I’m a designer with a passion for traditional craft and tend to use this to design more modern bespoke / one off pieces. My main focus for any design is to create a special bond with the end user and design something which will last a lifetime and become sentimental to prevent adding to a throw away society.

During my 4 years at Nottingham Trent I have gained a lot of crucial skills and found out who I am as a designer and I really look forward to my future career within the design world.

+44 7548 143797


Don is a modern, contemporary coffee table which makes use of traditional handcraft and authentic materials. To one side of the table there is a drawer which is accessible from either side of the table. To the other side is an open space for storage of blankets, board games etc. The table is elevated using a set of stylish bespoke white hairpin feet.

The main focal points of this coffee table is the bow joint on the top and the dovetail joints within the drawers. These are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The use of solid timber gives strength and longevity to the design. This therefore does not add to a throwaway society as it is something that holds a lot of sentiment and can be passed on to someone special.

Don was made as a one off piece due to Lynzi having wanted to create something that had a lot of meaning and a story behind it. Not only was the use of the traditional art of a bow tie joint used to prevent the timber splitting further, but to symbolise the togetherness of loved ones.

The Folctha Collection

The Folctha collection was part of a collaboration with Warrington and Rose looking into the exploration of concrete in terms of colour and pattern. This project resulted in adding accessories to an already existing bathroom collection of sinks.

Through research of what is already on the market and feedback from a selection of people, it was apparent there was a gap in the market for accessories using an authentic material. Through exploration of form and the material the final design came through.

The collection consists of 3 objects, a soap dish, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder as these are the 3 core elements of any bathroom accessory set. They come in customisable colours and a choice of a marble and dip dyed effect.


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