Magdalena Lis

A hardworking, enthusiastic and bilingual designer with an interest in sustainable, minimalistic and natural design. This aesthetic has been present in my projects throughout university. My personal philosophy is that good design should function well and be long lasting not following a quick trend.
My passion for 3D modelling and rendering via Computer Aided Design started in secondary school and has since grown to be my ideal job. I will be furthering my ability in Solidworks and other CAD software post-graduation to challenge my skills as a designer and as an individual.

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A simple yet elegant lampshade made from porcelain that allows both ambient and task lighting to be achieved.
The PORCELANA Lampshade was inspired by the act of counting tree rings and ice core dating, both methods may not be fully accurate but they both create a remarkable visual pattern of time, unique to each tree and ice core. The pendant is made up of 49 rings which represent the average amount of years people own their homes, this narrative was created to encapsulate the memories of the family in a timeless lampshade that doesn’t go out of style and will fit into the home as it grows to reflect the owners.
Porcelain was chosen for the material due to the beautiful translucency that can be achieved. The shape is a classic design, but the material causes a sense of fragility which is to encourage the user to take greater care of the product.

RAZEM Dining Table

RAZEM dining table is modern take on a gaming table, it helps bringing people together to connect and relax in an overwhelming world.
Dining tables are a staple piece of furniture, it is also one of the most social environments in the home. Families and friends join to eat dinner, help each other do work, have serious conversations and play cards and games. People have said that the most bonding happens over a dining table, therefore the RAZEM dining table was designed to encourage social interactions with family and friends to help people de-stress after work.
The hexagonal top allows for all the individuals to face each other while still maintaining privacy for example during a card game. The RAZEM dining table expands using 6 drawers, this extra flat surface allows for more space for game play. In addition to, a storage place for technological devices when eating or playing games, allowing a break from our over consumption of screen time thus encouraging face to face bonding.
The RAZEM dining table is made using walnut veneered MDF, the veneer on the table top will be placed in a radial pattern so the grain creates a beautiful starburst effect.

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