Morgan Lewis Williams

I am an artistic designer who has a passion for sketching and developing concepts. I find that the best way to get design ideas from your head is to sketch them as soon as they come to mind, whether that is in a sketch book in a studio or on the back of a receipt in a cafe.



KORAL is a wall mounted interior lamp that incorporates warm, ambient lighting with housing for trailing house plants. The lamp has been designed for those who only have a small amount of disposable income yet desire designer products. Within that classification, the lamp is also aimed to please somebody with a busy lifestyle who wishes to have indoor plants but struggles to remember or find time or to look after them. The benefit of having the light incorporated within the planter is so that when the wall lamp is illuminated, it highlights the plants by casting intricate shadows across any surrounding area as the plants grows. This may in turn also remind the less green-fingered user to look after the plants whenever it is switched on.


Furrow is a made to order, domestic bathroom vanity unit that combines fashionable aesthetics with functionality and storage. The unit has been designed for those who wish to have a distinctive yet refreshingly modern take on a boutique style piece of furniture. The unit comprises of CNC’d steamed beech, powder-coated steel bar and thermo-formed Corian® top. The continuous uniformed grooves on the outside surface converts a standard unit into a sculptural statement in the bathroom.

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