Patrycja Skrabala

I am a passionate designer, inspired by minimalism and user experience. I am interested in emotional design and how it influences user choice and engagement. I believe products that evoke positive emotions tend to be more memorable and desirable. Therefore, it is key to understand emotions in design.

I have experience working for a bespoke furniture company which made me enjoy working in all aspects of design and manufacture of furniture. As a curious and keen designer, I am always looking into the future for new opportunities and skills I can gain from the design industry.


Emotional design can be the core factor of consumer product choice and satisfaction; objects can have effects on us that subconsciously manipulate us to choose what we love or hate. A sterile focus on form and function is not enough anymore in product usability; emotion needs to be equally addressed.
The aim of this project was to introduce a material that is not seen as attractive and transform it in a way, to allow it to create positive emotions. ‘Expand’ sculpture wall explores polyurethane foam in an untraditional way; as an aesthetic material decorating the light source.
A standard ‘Expand’ start kit includes three main parts; a light source with a polyurethane frame and two metal sculpture frames. Each part is separate and becomes a sculpture when mounted to the wall. Expand allows personalisation through endless layout possibilities. The display can be ‘expanded’ by purchasing additional lights and framework clients can add to their collection.


‘HUSTLE’ dressing table was designed for a company called Joined + Jointed. The inspiration for this design came from a jeweller’s workbench; like the jewellery making process, a dressing table is a creation station. HUSTLE keeps the surface area tidy by drifting away from the idea of displaying objects. HUSTLE allows this by providing convenient cosmetic drawer’s and a heatproof leather pouch that encourages to store away hair tools while still hot. The user can return to a tidy beauty station after a busy day and be able to unwind.

The name HUSTLE refers to the reality of busy everyday lives, where people are constantly on the go and may neglect certain aspects of their lives. The HUSTLE dressing table accommodates this by providing features that allow quick action after product use, resulting in a clean space.

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