Pearl Cavaney

As a designer, I think it is important to continuously expand one’s knowledge of design. I love to explore how people interact with products and my time in industry has heavily influenced my style. Working first-hand within a close – knit team has helped me evolve and adapt to become the disciplined designer I am today. My approach is contemporary and minimalistic, and this philosophy has ultimately inspired my creative flow. I am fascinated with shape and form and take any opportunity to understand how a two – dimensional concept can be transformed into a three – dimensional object.

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Frame encourages a “grab and go” system. It acts as a pit-stop for items such as your keys, wallet, and umbrellas and reconsiders entrance products.
Integrating a minimalistic way of living, it encourages people to declutter and re-evaluate what items they use within their daily routine. Aimed at adults that live in city properties, the ideal user has an eye for detail and leads a very organised life. This seamless addition to your entryway minimises the time spent trying to find belongings because the items already have designated places – hence, the “grab and go” system.
The product was inspired by geometry and the golden ratio, alongside traditional metalworking techniques. Fundamentally concentrating on the structure, it is about balance and understanding where the metal can be folded and joined to create strength.

The leather sleeve uses brass studs which allows it to be adjusted or removed. As well as reducing noise, it prevents the surface from being scratched by keys. The rubber bottom situated is waterproof, catching any rain droplets. Another benefit is that is can be removed and cleaned if needed. In addition, the pegs have intricately placed notches which allow smaller umbrellas to hang and dry when wet.


Void is inspired by the theme of perception and illusion. The design has explored layering and distorting techniques to manipulate the way light enters the cabinet. This statement piece examined illusory methods like geometric patterns and op-art. As a result, the product incorporated perforated sheet metal which created a fascinating moire effect which is dependent on the eyes of the viewer.

The user is someone who has an interest in contemporary art and design who lives in minimal interiors with plenty of natural light. Designed for open spaces, it is essentially about creating art within contemporary furniture design.

The cabinet’s façade modifies the way people organise their most precious possessions because the circles reduce in size. The holes on the upper shelf are larger therefore, we can say that the items are a little more on show. Whereas the lower shelf is discrete because the perforations holes are smaller. The cabinet even uses a false bottom with push - to - open drawers to allow the user to hide away their more private possessions.


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