Phoebe Menear

As a developing designer throughout university I have strived to push my knowledge of design and what is conventional to produce award winning products sold in John Lewis and Partners across England, as well as designing unique furniture for live briefs.

I am graduating with a year’s invaluable experience in the design industry at Roundhouse Design as a Technical Assistant. Eager to continue my design career in the industry, submersing myself fully into whatever challenges are thrown my way, post-graduation.

+44 7778 446576

The Standware

The Standware – flatware that stands.

A set of three spoons with varied neck lengths to be used to help aid access to jars with any contents from olives to chutney. Each spoon has a decorative cut-out in its head which allows for the drainage of unwanted liquids. As well as being able to stand up on their own, so no mess is left on the table or plate. The Standware uses the idea of playing with your food to create a more interactive fun play. Encouraging thought into how the product is held to best suit the individual and their physical abilities.

The Standware collection is vastly different to conventional spoons. Instead of a product that is later put into a cupboard and forgotten, these spoons have the artistic flare of sitting within each other on a walnut hold like Russian nesting dolls. This results in The Standware becoming a sculptural product when not in use, providing an aesthetic art piece as well as functional kitchen product. This then solves the issue of the neglected and boring utensils in the kitchen drawer by highlighting its beauty and purpose on display.


Gem is dressing console table designed for the hallway providing the ‘final checks’ before leaving the home. The Gems design is narrow to accommodate for limited space, in addition to sitting in a stylish but unassuming way. With plenty of storage it's the perfect product for those final accessories. Gem is designed for the consumer that is tired of their hallway being cluttered and forgotten about by providing the following functions:

- A rotational mirror that rotates to accommodate a variety of heights.
- Two storage compartments either side of the rotational mirror.
- Two Corian shelves to store everything from ornaments to candles to picture frames.
- An open storage compartment in front of the mirror to allow for easy access to small items like sunglasses, keys and loose change.
- And the metal side tabs on the legs form into hooks allowing for the consumer to hang seasonal wear.
- The whole design sits on 90cm long legs allowing for it to be a standing dressing table used by a wide variety of people with different heights.

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