Robbie Lightfoot

I am a multi-disciplinary designer, with a thirst for more. A vivid imagination allows me to think outside the box, testing new theories and pushing boundaries. I believe good design isn’t just something that looks good, form and function must work in unison, this shows with a portfolio that ranges from social design through to high end furniture.

I have a variety of industry experience working as an interior planner and bespoke furniture designer for bars and restaurants, including Junk Yard Golf Club. I work with a professional attitude and am able to keep to a strict time schedule.

+44 7792 649113


With the rise in technology, craft has begun to die out. In the 21st century technology controls our world; we are constantly attached to our smart devices clicking and scrolling somewhat aimlessly. This product allows us to take step back, breath and enjoy a taste of traditional craft in a playful way.

Influenced by Japanese puzzle boxes and traditional timber joints there is only one-way Sheburon can be constructed. Purchased in a small box, from stores such as Muji, and simply containing 14 parts the user has to construct the stool using no glues, no screws and no manual just traditional joints such as dovetails and mortise and tenons.

Manufactured using Ash, a strong a durable timber fit for the job. Sheburon perfectly combines the traditional, yet contemporised form of furniture aimed to stand out from the crowd and evoke a playful characteristic. This is a challenge to be completed personally or with friends and family and with it available in a range of vibrant colours it allows for a collection to be built up.


Modern-day life is none stop, we hardly ever have time to come up for breath. This has meant it is more important than ever for people to have a way of relaxing. For many of us this is music. Music is recognized all over the world. It can be used for so many different things such as relaxing, exercise and even in the medical industry. This project aims to give people a more immersive experience when listening to music without the use of technology.

Through the exploration of sound capturing forms, acoustic mirrors were highlighted as a way of amplifying sound without the use of technology. This shaped the project and heavily influenced the final outcome. My product was aimed at audiophiles – someone who is enthusiastic about hi fidelity sound reproduction. This helped me refine my design sticking to strict set of ideals.

Nami is a chair with the ability to amplify sound allowing the user to be immersed when listening to music. Built using high quality materials it's a stylish and ergonomic piece being able to sit in any space and bring the room to life.


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