Robert Charles Keith

Taking a more people centred approach to a design brief enables me to discover the real issues and unmet needs. By learning to think more holistically when problem solving, I am better abled to develop innovative design solutions that actually benefit society, the economy and the environment. I have a strong background in mechanical and electrical engineering from 8 years of service in the British Army. On many occasions my trade and leadership skills were tested on operations in Afghanistan, Cyprus and Canada. My Army career was sadly cut short due to injury. As a freelance designer, I intend to apply the many new skills I have learnt in the last 4 years, to create products that can make a positive difference to peoples lives.

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Bow tie Concept

Charles Keith - Bow tie Concept is a collection of bow ties for her, crafted from beautiful Italian Marble Terrazzo & Carrara Marble off-cuts, left over from fabrication. The result of a design collaboration between Robert Charles Keith & German sustainable fashion start-up Bewoodz.

The bow ties feature magnetically interchangeable fabrics, which enable women to custom match their bow tie to their outfit, personality & style. Catering for freedom of choice was key to the bow tie configurator concept. The Bewoodz ethos, ‘embrace imperfection’, celebrates distinct natural quirks in waste timber off-cuts, as desirable features within their products. It is this same ethos that led to the exploration of alternative material waste that could be turned into valuable commodities.

The retail display was conceived from the notion of presenting the bow ties within the context of women getting ready, by giving nuance to the aesthetic appeal, functional aspect and emotional familiarity of a boutique style dressing table. Designed to attract the eye of potential customers with its lashings of lush dusty pinks, white marble & subtle splashes of shimmering gold, to allure & evoke feelings of assimilation. Fully emerging the customer into the entire brand narrative & experience.

Pulley Coat Rack

The pulley coat rack is designed to be assembled by the child via colour coded instructions, integrated into the products components. Its aim; to help children get ready on time and be more independent, through play.

Nobody really likes being told what to do, especially children. The products trademark ‘Do it your way’, signifies the encouragement of children's developmental independence through positive reinforcement. The child gains a sense of achievement and pride as well teamwork skills, from building the product themselves.

Personal attachment to the product and the attractiveness of play will hopefully excite and encourage the child to carry out the normally tedious task of putting their jacket and shoes on, before leaving the house.

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