Sam Atkins

Immersing myself in a multitude of design disciplines has given me a solid grounding as a Designer – from gaining valuable experience using CAD-modelling while designing bespoke fine English cabinetry to employing green-woodworking techniques in the field. Fulfilling briefs for real clients has engaged and inspired my design ethic.
A final year project repurposing industrial waste materials was contrasted with a narrative-driven piece following Shaker principles of quality, craftsmanship and functionality. Fired-up after being awarded a Young Furniture Makers Design Prize in 2016, I continue with a passion and drive to design and create beautiful yet functional pieces of innovative furniture.

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entwine coffee table

entwine is a functional and decorative coffee table, with its roots in the printing industry, twisting together tradition and industry. Following a live brief with printing company Linney, entwine was created through the repurposing of intriguing waste materials, for creative individuals who care about the world and value sustainability. The cleanness of this clear-cut, bold design emerges neatly from printing industry waste products and has a sharp industrial aesthetic.
Weaving, used in furniture making for thousands of years, was of key importance to the design and gives the table its distinctive quality. Overriding the traditional use of woven materials for seating, a visually stunning tabletop was woven from brilliant blue waste lithography rubber printing blankets, and this contrasts dramatically with the matt black powder-coated steel. Aware of modern-day requirements as home and work-space boundaries merge, the woven section provides an unusual rigid but protective, cushioned non-slip surface, good for technology, books, magazines… combined with an area for drinks.
The design uses mild steel, shaped to allude to the industrial cogs found in traditional printing machinery. Waste printing ink raises the profile of the humble plywood shelf, dyeing it to a rich, deep colour and enhancing the grain and sheen.

Serve Sideboard

This narrative-driven piece was created for practical modern living following Shaker principles of quality, craftsmanship and functionality, as well as by environmental sensitivities. Guided by careful user survey analysis, Serve was made with utmost care and precision for maximum functionality.
Serve is constructed from Sycamore – fine-grained and with a delicate lustred colouring, readily available from sustainable UK woodlands. The paleness of Serve’s body subtly contrasts with a hint of colour from the pinkish brown of the hand-turned Cherry drawer pulls, reminiscent of traditional Shaker pegs.
Following the Shaker ethos that beauty rests on utility, all traces of fussiness and ornament have been avoided, and the piece has a clean, refined style. Traditional woodworking techniques – half-blind dovetails and mortise-and-tenon joints, are coupled with innovative modern-day technology. Serve stands on finely tapering legs crafted using Computer-Numerical-Control.
Compartmentalization, so important in Shaker pieces, has been intelligently integrated into the design. The drawers have fully adjustable dividers; bi-fold doors with concealed finger-pull handles, open to reveal the ample, carefully considered compartmentalized interior, with spaces specifically designed to house dinner services, glassware and drinks. The innovative pull-out surface, cleverly hidden in its closed position, extends sleekly giving additional space for buffets, the epitome of functionality.


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