Sam Simmonds

For me, the purpose of good design is to look at how people react, whether that be an expression of interest or surprise, or a simple smile. In terms of my style and preferred aesthetic, I often look to postmodernism as a major influence and wants to create work that is both visually interesting and avant-garde. With this more experimental style comes an enjoyment of experimentation through both materials and visuals, and a desire to stray from the norm and think about design with a much more holistic approach.

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duo. : Versatile Seating System

duo. is a dual seating and surface system for two people, offering versatility and changeability; promoting their conversation and collaboration. It was designed for hotel lobby and office breakout spaces. The design is inspired by traditional loveseat and ‘s’ shaped seating, yet this new movable solution offers adaptability. Making use of gliders on the stool feet, alongside the relationship between stools and surface, the stools can be rotated on a 180-degree pivot; meaning the users are free to move them as required. The shaping and fitting of them also allows the pieces to be tucked under the tabletop when not being used, making efficient use of space. The triangular-shaped stools are tapered in, and people can use these however they see fit, such as frontward facing, sideward facing, or even straddling them.

The product really is adaptable in its function, of which is appointed by the user. Because of its suitability for contract spaces, the relationship between the timber and upholstered materials can be tailored for any interior scheme, and any CMF (colour, material, finish) combination would tailor this concept for the environment that surrounds it.

Tetra : Recycled HDPE Lighting Pendant

Tetra is a distinctive lighting pendant manufactured from waste HDPE materials, in response to the environmental crisis that our world is currently in. It represents giving materials that would otherwise be disposed of a new life and showing value in these otherwise obsolete materials. The aesthetics of the pendant are themed around the sea, drawing inspirations from water and aquatic life, being displayed in both the shapes used and the reflections the pendant creates, whilst still offering a unique and interesting aesthetic. Through its simple assembly and disassembly, it is easy for the shape and style of Tetra pendants to be modified, based on the needs of the individual, and for it to be provided as a self-assembly kit.

Waste HDPE plastic, such as milk and shampoo bottles were cleaned, granulated, then heated, compacted and flattened into sheet material. From this, the drop shapes and top component of the pendant were laser cut from these sheets, before being finished. Once all pieces were laser cut, they were assembled in a specific arrangement using split rings, allowing movement and organicity.


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