Samuel Young

I think of myself as a minimalistic designer, strongly influenced by the Scandinavian aesthetic. Following the theory that ‘minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation” I explore the beauty of natural shapes and forms in my own designs, bringing an elegant simplicity to a product without sacrificing its ultimate function.

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ALFA Lounge Chair

Alfa is strongly influenced by Scandinavian design with its subtle aesthetic of softened angles and smooth curves, bringing out the beauty of the natural material. Following my ‘function over form’ ethos, I decided to gently angle both the seat and the back to gain the ultimate comfortable seating position. As this is the first product in this potential collection, it is quite appropriate that the side profile resembles the letter ‘A’, which led me to the Swedish word for the word Alpha – Alfa. This piece can be requested in a variety of different woods including Ash, Oak, and finally Teak. There is also a choice of cushion cover finishes if desired.

The Composite Strip

The Composite Strip is a light fitting designed for an office environment. Following a work placement in the CAD department of a joinery company, I experienced first-hand how much paper waste is created on a daily basis. This inspired me to experiment with waste paper shreds, dust and resin to create a material which I then used to make this strip light. Each product will be unique as its finish depends on the colours featured in that day’s paper waste. As shown in the example, the waste product used here had a lot of pinks, purples and reds.


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