Sophie Lea

I am a passionate furniture and product designer who finds joy within material experimentation, colours and simplistic yet beautiful designs. I believe that beautiful products can bring joy into peoples lives, which is why I design heartwarming products to make a house feel like a home.
I have gained a variety of experience over the past few years from previously coming second place in a live brief with companies John Lewis and Umbra. The design "booknook" was then manufactured and sold throughout John Lewis stores in Britain and online. I have also gained industry experience working as part of a design team at Opm Furniture, who specialise in office furniture design and bespoke products.

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An adaptable planter that shapes around various sized pots while also providing improved drainage to keep plants happy and healthier for longer.
Bloom is made of an elasticated component that allows flexibility to form around various sized plant pots. This is made from natural CNC strips of ash with a grey elastic cord that is fed through each piece. Bloom is designed to reduce the need to continuously buy new decorative plant pots each time you repot your plant. It's stretching capabilities can house a reasonable range of pot circumferences.
The ceramic tray in which the plant sits on is designed to keep roots lifted out of excess water. This water can easily be removed when needed by simply removing the cork allowing it to drain. This simple step like design prevents common problems such as root rot and overwatering, keeping plants healthier and happier for longer.
With this simple yet effective design, measurements can be altered to suit larger or smaller circumference variations.

The Moon Dresser

The Moon Dresser is a reinvented version of the traditional dressing table with mid-century inspired aesthetic, made from bamboo with brass accents.
This dresser is designed with more personal value than the average dressing table. Being more than just a dresser, it is designed to assist you while getting ready, with its open design making everything easily accessible. Its limited storage allows you to only display your favourite outfits within its simple cut back frame, rather than closing them away. The cut-out pattern allows light to pass through, highlighting your clothing while still keeping it protected.
With a rotating mirror that reveals hidden storage, providing space to hang ties, scarves and belts, leaving no wasted space. Its small drawer compartment allows for some hidden storage. This prevents the dresser from potentially becoming cluttered once in use helping it remain a minimalist, stylish piece.

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