Tom St Johnston

I am a young enthusiastic designer with a strong desire to influence positive change. I thrive on the chance to make a difference and I have a passion for creating unforgettable experiences which has catalysed my final year at University. My minor project addressed the disease of ‘addiction’ and my major piece focused on creating a home cocktail experience. Both at opposite ends of the spectrum but unified by my dissertation topic, which explored the juxtaposition of the designer’s responsibility in the design process.

I gained invaluable experience during a fulfilling placement year at Cantilever Bar Systems. I designed Bespoke Bars for some of the industry’s top hotel, bar, and restaurant chains as well as a brand-new range of underbars.

I am hard working with a creative imagination fuelled by a passion to solve problems and develop innovative solutions.

ROOT - An Addiction Recovery Tool

ROOT is an addiction recovery tool, based on the common method of addiction recovery named Plant - Pet – Person, aimed at bringing responsibility back to the addict’s life.

How does ROOT work? ROOT is designed to be used as; a routine planner, a diary, as a gratitude list, a goal planner, or a thought journal. ROOT consists of a White or Blackboard blank canvas, a plant pot, lemon balm seeds, and suction cups. Hang Root in plain sight, somewhere you look every day, for example, on; a window, a fridge, a mirror or hang it on a wall. ROOT is designed to bring back responsibility and to build a community where recovering addicts can help each other grow. “As part of your recovery journey, you are encouraged to post your plant and personal growth progress in a safe online community”. Think of ROOT as a visual metaphor for your recovery journey. “Look after it and it will look after you”, “Use Root to suit your needs, It is a blank canvas for a reason”

Start your Root to recovery!

Speakeasy - A Home Cocktail Bar

The Speakeasy Home Cocktail Bar is designed specifically to house the essential ingredients required to make cocktails. The bar is discrete as it can be hidden away when not in use, but when revealed its aim is to be the centre of attention. Designed to Cantilevers strict high standards, the concept creates the ultimate home cocktail experience. Unique features such as the speed rail door and under-counter glassware shelving space, mimic mixing drinks behind a professional industry bar. Ultimately achieving a truly authentic experience.

The bar is designed to be completely material customised, designed to suit specific interiors. The bar comes in three basic tones of light, medium, and dark with the option of customisation available. It features a six-bottle speed rail door that can be swung open and back on itself, designed to mimic an industry cocktail bar. It includes; three shelves for three sets of twelve of the most commonly used cocktail glasses e.g. rocks glasses, highball glasses, and wine or champagne glasses. With twelve being a modest dinner party size. These shelves can also be used to store your favourite spirit mixers such as tonic water, lemonade, or soda water. It features ample worktop space for mixing drinks, with two drop-in garnish trays and a drop in insulated ice well. It also includes a games drawer for card games, or a poker set as well as a drawer for a cigar box with a humidor designed to top off that home cocktail bar experience.


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