William John Devlin

As a bright, brave, enthusiastic designer I believe my works show a willingness to take risks and have used them as a means to explore new creative avenues. I pride myself on my work ethic and over my time at University it has allowed me to express myself to the fullest. I try to connect to people on a personal level, deeper than underlying aesthetical value, through honest design.

+44 7533 506206


Influenced by Japanese Joinery and the modern architects who have shaped the world we live in today, ‘neue’ is a fee-standing display cabinet suited to open, airy living spaces. Its tall, balanced posture presents precious possessions with a degree of pride and delicacy.

Handmade and hand finished in Britain, the attention to detail and quality of finish is evident to the touch. Carefully honed details express the skill and craftsmanship of its conception. Exposed tenons grab the interest of the observer at particular points, and passive facades delicately imprint their own impression on the cabinets contents and the space around it.

Viewed from the front; the orthogonal overlapping of the shelves, legs, cross-supports and facades marry together to frame the objects within it, against the background beyond it. The inclusion of a shallow, two-way hidden drawer provides space to stow additional items in a conveniently local place.

Shown here in pale washed Ash, ‘neue’ is also to be made available in Oak and Walnut.


Inspired by the rounding of stones and the action of the sea, Drift is an occasional table with a weighty presence. Constructed semi-hollow and turned round; the smooth, sturdy form is dressed in rope to add a tangible element.

This immense piece commands respect within the space in which it inhabits. The smooth, hard-to-handle form is made manageable through the addition of coarse, distressed rope. The rope allows it to be jostled and maneuvered; immersing those who challenge it in a battle - much like the fisherman who battle our seas.

With the projects inception I sort to create something almost like a readymade sculpture that had an emotional experience, but which had a use within our lives too. The smoothness of the turned form, paired with the rustic feel of the rope has a nautical feel, and visual connection that can be drawn.

Turned in segments; when pulled together, Drift culminates in an unforgettably soothing, reassuring experience.

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