Alex Page

I am a designer who enjoys solving problems by using creative solutions which improve the interactions and experiences that we have. I believe that the functionality of a design is a key factor in ensuring that complex problems can be solved to a high standard, which is what I thrive to achieve.

During my placement, I gained invaluable experience in the Events and Exhibitions sector, as a Creative Designer at M-Integrated Solutions. My time in a different sector of design has helped to broaden my knowledge, as well as developing skills directly related to my degree.

+44 7527 022694

Studio Go

Studio Go is designed to carry equipment and be utilised as a workstation this is the piece of kit which makes leaving the studio seamless. An adaptable and fully collapsible product that improves the productivity of the user’s work with many standout features. The mechanism allows for a fully collapsing product which very fast, much faster than other products. This mechanism also gives each user even further personalisation as they can easily and quickly set the height they need, no more being stuck on one height. Along with a generous range of attachments are available to ensure that the needs of many different photographers are met. As well as caster wheels which have a large tread with both swivel lock and brakes ensure that this product can move over various terrain whilst being easy to control in all situations. These features all help to create a customisable, collapsible and high-quality product which is simple, easy and quick to use ensures that integration into the user’s way of work is effective.

Modular Shoe Display

While online shopping is becoming more popular it is even more crucial for stores to entice the customers in. Visual Merchandising plays an important role in this, which is why a simple and clean, yet still aesthetically pleasing product is a good solution. This led to the creation of this modular shoe rack which allows retail stores to easily change or expand their shelving displays to suit their evolving needs. An extensive range of configurations is possible to allow each retailer to customise the shelving to each store. In addition to this, the concept allows for the product on the shelf to stand out to the customer, rather than the shelving. Along with some simple branding or product information, it ensures that the consumer is not overwhelmed.

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