Ash Griffin

I am a multifaceted and versatile designer who’s main focus to utilise product design to solve problems through creative and practical solutions. With a strong interest in sustainability, smart solutions and furniture, I believe a product should not only look to solve a current problem, but be adaptable for future ones too, otherwise they will always be limited in their function.

I also have highly valuable experience working in research and development for BAT. As a member for a multi-disciplinary team working to tight deadlines, I have experience working in fast-paced and agile environments and delivering products to market. As a passionate and hard-working designer, I am always looking ahead, eager to develop and refine my skills whilst focusing on the next project.


Team Green

Team Green is a hybrid educational game designed to teach key stage 2 students about sustainable behaviour and development. it utilises elements from both the traditional board game and modern day apps to deliver an engaging, enjoyable education experience. The app is designed to be intuitive, easy to use and simple to navigate for both teachers and students. It contains the game rules, different starting scenarios, a learn more section, and a QR code scanner for registering game-pieces. The physical product is made up of 3 main modules; the game-board, the storage trolley and the game-pieces. Team Green is designed for use in schools as a group activity, and with it being tailored to key stage 2, it caters for children from the ages of 7-11. This means that schools are more likely to be able to invest in the product because it is mobile, can be used by multiple classes for a variety of reasons and is a fun and easy to use educational tool.


FlexSpace is a storage system for clothes and shoes that allow the user to display, rather than hide, their individual style. Taking the concept of a traditional wardrobe and updating it, FlexsSpace is a storage solution for the 21st Century, with design inspiration from modern interior trends and minimalist styling. It is a modular flat-packed product, with a base model that allows for extensions and additions to be added as the user adds to or changes their collection. It has been designed to utilise fixing-less joints, such as pressure fits and sliding joints, so that it remains easy for the user to assemble and doesn’t require many additional tools to be put together. This also makes the product cheaper and easier to produce, minimising additional manufacturing processes needed to make the product components.

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