Callum Bannister

Design is a way to directly affect people’s interaction with the world. I enjoy and excel in designing products with meaningful real-world applications, that help the user in their everyday life and solve a problem where competing products struggle to do so.

I have benefited from working with market leading brands such as L’oreal, RuRoc and Boots. My strong work ethic and ability to problem solve help me succeed in every task that faces me. I look forward to future challenges and the skills I can gain from these.



Bright Feits – Indicating bike pedal

Bright Feits are an innovative cycling pedal for daily commuters. The product aims to make current cyclists feel safer and by doing so, encourage non-cyclists to start commuting by bicycle. Research found that the one of the biggest issues with people cycling on roads is drivers not seeing their signals when they are turning. Bright Feits tackles this problem by having built in indicators inside the pedals, which allow the rider to signal by simply pressing a button on their handlebars. Taking a pedal off every week to recharge the batteries would be a major drawback to the product, so as well as having indicators built in there is a generator which creates power for the system by simply pedalling as normally. This design was created thanks to continuous and regular input from experts within the cycling community.

ULLER - Ski vice re-design

It is common to find that products on the market that are over engineered. The case of the ski vice is no different. A ski vice is used by competitive skiers to hold their skis while servicing the edged and applying wax to the base. An excess amount of material is used to ensure the vice will be strong enough and suitable for die casting. This makes them far heavier than need be and wastes material. Using a topology study simulation, the vice was analysed to see where material was structurally needed. The results showed a rough path were material is structurally needed, representing a 70% weight saving. Once this shape was tidied up the vice had a unique look that is just as strong as traditional vices as well as making it ideal for extrusion; a more sustainable, cost effective manufacturing process.

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