Calum Cawkwell

I am a designer focused on continual improvement through studying new mediums and disciplines. I design with a user-centred focus, creating products with the consumers ideals in sight, empathising with their needs. The best products must be intuitive, understandable and appeal to their desired market, this design ethos is what I have based my final year projects around.
I spent my placement year at 3D Folkes, a start-up 3D printing service company. Here, I learnt a great deal not only improving my product design abilities in the form of CAD and electronics but also in secondary skills such as sales and teamwork.



The Creator is a straight to flashgun gel carrier with a honeycomb grid insert, which was designed in conjunction Vitec Imaging Solutions. The idea behind the project was to create a simple and fast gel carrier adapter for a flashgun which allows the user to change between gels effortlessly. This major study project applied user centred and market focussed research to gain insight into current products shortcomings, influencing the final design.
The product features a TPU elastomer ‘grip’ which is over-moulded over a solid polypropylene insert to allow the user to stretch the product over a flashgun, whilst still retaining its shape. This rigidity allows the part to also hold the solid gels, made from polycarbonate, unlike current products which must use a separate part. The honeycomb grid is separate and uses live hinges to clip into the ‘grip’, rather than using magnets, as is common with current products. The lack of magnets reduces cost and decreases the overall weight leaving less strain on the flashgun.
The final feature of this product is the gel holder/wallet which would be used to store the gels to make swapping between commonly used gels easier as well as misplacing them difficult.


The COMP-PACT Mini-ITX PC case was designed using constraints set by Norsk Hydro as to design a unique product focussing on mainly aluminium extruded parts to understand their ‘think in profile’ philosophy. The limitations of this project brief led to a completely unique design, as the profiles could not exceed a 300mm diameter and therefore a consideration of internal component size had to be considered.
The case features two Al 6063 – O profiles which hinge on each other, a base and a lid. The base profile also features a multitude of screw ports which are used as fixtures for the two end plates as well as the internal parts. The lid is free of fixtures and would have a friction fit into the base, it also features a handle running its length.
This product is geared towards users with a specific interest in high-end PC’s for gaming and work. Mini-ITX cases have a growing following of enthusiasts because of their ability to house high-end components in a smaller case, utilising space efficiently.

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