David Dolding

I am a passionate design engineer striving to solve problems through the use of creativity and innovative design. I have a keen interest in medical and sustainable design, aiming to produce market-ready solutions.


Temporary walkway

With high-end events such as weddings often being held outdoors all year round, the market is lacking an aesthetically designed temporary flooring or walkway. This product provides an easy to install and sleek alternative to the current market offerings. Featuring a two-part aluminium extrusion design, with interlocking slide rails the system is versatile and can be scaled up to meet the needs of the venue. Two additional features have been integrated into the design; cables can safely run in channels within the frame and LED lighting strips ensure safe operation at night time.

Aluminum extrusion Tooling design

Following the principles of design for manufacture, the previous project was optimised for manufacturing via aluminium extrusion, with tooling created to produce the main profile. The design was optimised, removing unnecessary features to create a simplified profile requiring less complex tooling, resulting in much lower manufacturing costs. The tooling was simulated using computational fluid dynamics to optimise the extrusion parameters. The final tooling was then simulated using SOLIDWORKS CAM to get an accurate understanding of manufacturing lead time.

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