Elliot Heffernan

I am focused on creating innovative designs that solve real world problems and could really make a difference. I enjoy exploring novel ideas to keep my designs fresh and interesting.

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Activity Aid

One of the struggles people in the early to mid-stages of dementia can often face is remembering the sequence of steps for tasks around the house. This can cause frustration as well as a lack of confidence.

Activity Aid will guide them through the task, allowing them to maintain some independence in the home. The user simply has to press the button of the task they need assistance with, and a voice will guide them through it. This voice can be recorded by a carer or family member for a more personalised experience. The device can also be customised to each person to tailor it to tasks they might be struggling with. Each product will come with a selection of button images that can be swapped out.

The device has been designed to be intuitive and comfortable to use. Its appearance makes its function clear, while not looking out of place within the home.

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