George Davis

I am an Industrial Designer whose focus is how technology can benefit us as a civilization. Over the course of my design education and career I have found a strong interest in minimalism and modularity. I come from an engineering family but found myself at home on the divide between technical function and artistic form.

I have experience in both medical and point of sale industries; the latter being learned from a year-long placement at Willson & Brown. I enjoyed the close communication with clients of this work but found myself yearning for a more technological-based path.

+44 7826 746567

HON E Tiles - Tessellating Solar Array

The HON E tiles are a new take on solar energy. The idea was to change the type of product solar panels are seen as; from a utilitarian appliance to a must-have gadget you yearn to purchase.

The product consists of tessellating hexagonal solar tiles that can be purchased in as few or many as is required or afforded, and can easily be added to further down-the-line if the client’s situation changes

A rear plate is fixed to the desired wall by screws, the front tile (which holds most electronics) is then inserted and makes an electrical connection to all other tiles.

A major benefit to HON E tiles over competitors is the ease of recycling/repairing. This is down to the use of screws throughout rather than adhesives which means a tear-down can be accomplished in seconds.

As well as domestic use, the tiles can be hired temporarily for events such as music festivals, fairs, weddings, etc. due to their easy fitment and disassembly, providing green energy at a low cost.

ACCENT - Personal Speaker

Everybody enjoys a certain amount of individuality. And in the current industry of repetitive, monochromatic electronics it seemed about time a device was developed with personalisation in-mind.
This is where the Accent speaker came-to-be. The Accent is a system that never gets old, and no two people have to share designs. A vast array of options are available, from planters to mood-lamps to pencil holders; the sky really is the limit!

A business model was conceptualised whereby customers would choose their optional top panel, base panel and shell colour in any pairing they desire. And when bored with these options, they would simply send the part back, and get a new one returned. This would also be possible with hardware; A selection of speakers from low budget all the way up to specialist could be optioned.

The main body of the speaker is manufactured from extruded Aluminium 6060 which greatly reduces manufacturing cost, allowing more to be spent on the lower production quantities of optional parts.

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