Jacob Staniforth

I am a driven design engineer that thrives on creativity to produce thorough solutions to complex problems. Applying the combination of engineering and design skills allows me to create innovative designs throughout my final year projects where removing a potential risk to life has been the main driver for a live industry requirement.
Upon spending a year as a Design Engineer Intern at Diversey B.V I gained invaluable experience of the design engineering process, with the importance of design for manufacture, testing and verification in industry being highlighted.


Automated Leak Testing of Ultra High Pressure Cylinders

Automating a process that can be potentially fatal is a large step forward in safety in the manufacture of pressurised gas containment. Working with Chesterfield Special Cylinders to improve operator safety and quality assurance has allowed an industry standard solution for this application. A remote control leak test and inspection unit allows the removal of the operator from the danger area whilst recording testing to raise levels of quality assurance and test verification. The unit is designed to be fitted to Hydrogen Delivery Trailers containing a large number of individual cylinders tested at 250 Bar Pressure.

The unit itself is contains a high-resolution camera to give a live feed to the operator who can remotely move and position the camera as they require it to inspect the cylinders for leaks. Doing this remotely allows the operator to be outside the testing area and behind a blast wall therefore protecting them and removing any potential for injury. The camera live feed can then be recorded to add value to the test verification as it can be reviewed and stored for Quality Assurance Purposes

Escalator Hand Rail Cleaner

In busy public places escalators pose as a point the vast majority of us will interact with, holding hand rails is a key point for the transmission of bacteria and viruses. This design for an escalator hand rail cleaner aims to offer piece of mind to the public by automatically cleaning and disinfecting handrails. The cleaner reduces the amount of human labour required to keep the handrails clean whilst simultaneously raising hygiene levels in public areas.

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