Joseph Lee

I am a product designer with a keen focus on creating smart solutions to complex problems. I believe that as designers our first responsibility is to tackle issues affecting the most vulnerable people in our society. This philosophy has been at the core of my final year project, exploring the issues related to how a society cares for its elderly population.

During my degree I have gained invaluable experience studying for two semesters at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. As a hard working designer with passion and enthusiasm, I am always looking to further my knowledge base and engage myself within the design industry.

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Care Guardian

One in five people age 50 to 64 in the UK are carers to an older family member. Without professional care, vulnerable people can be prone to falls as well as experience periods of confusion and an intense helplessness. This is not for lack of caring but in fact the enormous time commitment required. This project aimed to explore ways to improve the well being of those in assisted living without relinquishing their independence.

Through user-centric research, communication was identified as an opportunity space where many of the same issues that arise could be addressed. Carers often rely on those in care contacting them when a problem arises. Often, vulnerable people are not capable of using traditional forms of communication, and wearable solutions come with their own issues. This project focussed on the development of a one device system to monitor and control critical data and provide automatic communication between carer and those in care.

The Care Guardian is a home technology solution which monitors the condition of vulnerable people within a living space and sends automatic updates to their carer. Through the use of an active sensory device and intelligent data transfer; a comforting product experience is created in which the carer can provide a closer and more consistent level of care whilst maintaining independent living.

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