Joseph Martin

I am a 22 year old Product designer who has experience in both design and manufacture. I conducted research, design and implementation of products at university and on my placement as a design engineer a Nissan. I have been fortunate enough to work on projects for companies such as Wilkos and Mcgee and have been able to design products from small laptop stands to water storage solutions to robots arms. With all the experience in both the design and engineering fields, it has made me a rounded designer with the ability to look at a design problem from a logical engineering point of view in addition to a creative standpoint.


Major Study Project

With the growing population size and the subsequent growth in demand for water, this modular grey water storage solution aims to reduce household water usage whilst making water accessible in the months which are dryer and water demand is at its highest point.
This product collects water from tumble dryers and stores this grey water. This is because grey water (which is water which has no food or waste particles) from a tumble dryer contains no harmful chemicals or particulates and contains more minerals which are beneficial for plant growth than tap water.

The average tumble dryer produces up 2 litres of grey water and this tank will provide 125 litres of water per module. This is the equivalent to 12.5 buckets of water. With the modular design, you can add more storage depending on the amount of water which is collected.

Its design also focuses on using materials and process which have the least impact on the environment. This is to make the product fit in with the needs of the consumer who ultimately is looking to make their home less environmentally impactful.
The unique selling point of this design is it modularity and focus on reducing environmental impact from manufacturing to the products ultimate end of life.

Hydro Design Project

Modern laptops such as the Apple MacBook Pro have become lighter and thinner however, this has come at a cost of long-term use causing throttling and strain and the wrists and the back. With health and safety becoming more and more important both within the workplace and away from home, this product aims to fill this demand.

Unlike other laptop stands on the market, this design is compact and light weight. Perfect for the traveling businessperson or someone working at home or in the office. It features and adjustable clamp making it suitable for a wide range of laptops and has an adjustable bottom which help to adjust the angle of your laptop. By lifting the laptop off the surface of the table, it achieves two goals; to reduce the onset of fatigue and to improve the thermal performance of laptops by creating a larger body of air beneath the laptop which is cool to keep to the laptop cooler for longer. By keeping the laptop cold, you reduce the likelihood of your laptop freezing or crashing resulting in all your work being lost.

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