Lyam Hovelmeier

Having been fortunate enough to have travelled the globe, from the heart of Zambia to the Scottish highlands, I have experienced many fascinating and beautiful cultures. Through which they have laid the foundation of my ethos as a product designer. A translator. My experiences have helped me develop my ability to better communicate my design concepts as well as establishing a productive relationship with my clients.

Woodpecker Joinery, an acclaimed greenhouse manufacturing company, allowed me to further explore my capabilities to create bespoke designs for a demanding market. They guided me through many facets of the product design development process, from conception, marketing, manufacture and finally construction.

I am strong-willed, determined and looking forward to taking my next steps in the industry.

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Aluminium Extrusion Project

For this project, the task was to incorporate aluminium extrusion into a design that was entirely original or a redesign of an already existing product. The brief itself was also quite open and so plenty of idea-generating in different fields took place ranging from metal gauze applicators too modular cold frames before finally settling on a toiletry case.
This toiletry case was designed to act as a means of storing items safely and securely whilst the user travelled. The key feature of the product was for it to double as a display, presenting the user's toiletries when they were stationary or at home.
A large focus of the design was on its sustainability. It is made primarily of extruded aluminium, which is much more readily recycled compared to products already on the market.
The product's assembly is simple to understand and does not require the use of semi-permanent fixtures such as screws. Incorporated into the design is a fish decal which adds the potential of branding, increasing marketability.

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