Nico Andika Sunandar

I am an adaptive designer who can learn new skills independently to achieve the desired result. Throughout my course, I have learned to create products using different manufacturing processes, create an environment for simulation based on the user and their work environment, and conduct in-depth research to design for sustainability.

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Altar is an alternative guitar for experienced players. The user can buy a pickup from any manufacturer out there and install it to the chassis. They can move it further back – an inch, a millimetre – and with each increment, the guitar will produce a different sound. The user can pick a bridge, change the body, whatever they desire – because musicians should not be limited by their instruments.

This is possible due to the aluminium extruded chassis. It utilise rails for quick, intuitive mounting using t-slot nuts. The chassis is designed to last, therefore continuity is at the user's hands as components can be outsourced; not proprietary.

Altar paves the way for experienced guitarists who push boundaries, innovate, and invent – who want to experiment with sound, mechanically.


Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIV) navigate using a map of its location and sensors to detect presence and objects around it. This makes it safe to operate amongst crowded areas.

DELA, the delivery assistant, provides a configurable cart. It can be tailored for different use cases. A removable vacuum-formed inner compartment allows for easy cleaning and prevents internal spillage from contaminating the structure itself. Polycarbonate trays allows the user to quickly see if anything was left behind.

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