I am a versatile designer, with a passion help make a difference to others through design. Although it may sound a mild contradiction in terms that I enjoy the fluidity of creative thinking whilst at the same time, I like to keep highly organised. The challenge of working out rational solutions to the challenges I have faced in design stimulates me. This has been the core of my final year projects, which have addressed issues within the construction world.

I have experience working as a Marketing Assistant for McGee Group, a London based construction company. This allowed me to innovatively tailor my skills to create and organise marketing material to the highest standard with every detail considered.

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AMT- Automatic Mist Technology

Within the construction industry, dust has posed extreme issues relating to human health. It is accountable for a significant number of non-asbestos lung diseases, including cancer, silicosis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Specific high-energy tools like concrete breakers produce a lot of dust in a very short time, putting the user at risk. Current solutions utilise water to suppress the dust. Still, they can often be a health and safety hazard, not suitable for small works or too expensive.

AMT (Automatic Mist Technology) work from the vibrations created by the concrete breaker to trigger when water should be misted onto the works. To supply the water, an existing hand pressurised pump is stored in an ergonomic backpack. This is connected to an on-tool attachment, which targets the dust and mists water onto the works when the tool is in motion. The spray component is attached directly to the breaker and can be easily removed.

“The AMT would have a positive impact on health and safety on-site. It would eliminate trailing hoses to get to the work area, which is a massive hazard on any construction site” - Robert Brown, Site Manager, McGee.

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