Thomas Farmilo

I am a multi-disciplinary designer who strives to create practical and innovative designs. With a keen interest in medical and sustainable engineering, I believe a product must provide an intelligent solution that performs in the real world. This has been the motivating thesis behind my final year projects and ensures I keep up to date with current market trends.

I have pertinent experience working for the FMCG company Proctor and Gamble, where I thrived working in a dynamic and challenging environment. Due to my determination and attention to detail I endeavour to seek opportunities in which I can further my design skill set.

+44 7764 392643

Accu-Dose Precision Injector

Advancements in the medical and cosmetic markets have increased the applications where precision injection equipment is essential, and failure to inject accurate dosages can lead to serious complications. Mass produced syringes are still used for precision injections as they are cheap and readily available, however the design is sub-optimal and results in dosage variation.

Accu-Dose is a syringe cradle that extends the performance of disposable syringes utilising an electromechanical injection system embedded within an ergonomic housing. Repeatable injections of 0.01ml can be easily administered, with the quantified measure easily adjusted to a desired dosage. By taking the dosage injection pressure away from the surgeon, Accu-Doser reduces the chance of errors by over injection whilst enabling the user to focus of the injection area leading to more successful results.

Demonstrated through a fully functioning advanced prototype, Accu-Doser proved to increase the injection control opposed to the existing injection technique.

Recyclable Inhaler

Existing pMDI inhalers are manufactured out both plastic and metals, inhibiting their abilities at being recycled. Through product redesign an entirely realistic recyclable solution was reached which demonstrates added value when compared to existing designs by ensuring a closed loop recycling system. The end of life for the product has been ensured by designing a product which is almost entirely manufactured out of aluminium thus maximising it’s scrap value thereby recycling facilities have higher incentive to properly sort the inhaler.

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