Tobias G Jarrett

I am a product engineer and designer who develops innovative and futuristic products that could be put into production tomorrow. I specialize in the technological side of design, with a high-level ability in CAD modeling and professional experience in rapid prototyping. My true passion lies in designing for everyday use, by creating products that improve people’s day to day lives.

I have invaluable work experience at 3D Folkes, a 3D printing and CAD design consultancy where I created and prototyped customers’ designs and am eager in the future to use this experience to move on to creating my own designs.

+44 7982 197695

Flood Alert System

Driving through flood water is the number one cause of flooding associated deaths in the UK. To reduce this risk there is a clear need for a new flood warning system that will effectively communicate the immediate dangers to drivers. A previous university project proposed a system that involved a water height sensing bollard in the flood water and an interactive sign further up the road. However, there was a series of flaws in the design which made its’ readings unreliable and the sign was not communicating the severity of the danger to the passing drivers.

The “TUF Flooder” alert system evolved from this first prototype. The sensing more sophisticated bollard takes a range of measurements including depth, flow rates and temperature and uses these to assess the risk to vehicles making the crossing. It also features shock absorbing technology to ensure its’ readings remain accurate even when faced with the full force of a flooded river and being struck by the debris being carried in it.

Up the road, the interactive sign has been redesigned using research taken from driver focus groups to create a sign with stern warnings that will instantly appear the moment the depth, flow or temperature of the river makes driving conditions too dangerous to pass.

Automatic Pet Food Feeder

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, wouldn’t it be good to know that your pet gets the right amount of food each day, regardless of whether you are in the house or not?

Automatic pet food feeders have been around for many years, often driven by small digital timers which open sprung loaded drawers once a day. Once the drawers are open then there is no way to re-use that container until the owner gets home.

A pair of design students set out to build an intelligent pet food station that would be able to provide more than one precise meal per day using the latest mechanisms and technology, combined with remote digital capabilities that would fit in the most contemporary of homes and lifestyles.

Using a novel dispenser mechanism and built in weighing scales, the students were able to measure precise amounts of food and dispense this at any time of day. The product is controlled by an app that the owner can use to create a feeding schedule, including weights of food to dispense for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To prevent against the pets eating the food as it is being dispensed, a motion sensor detects if the pet is nearby at a feed time and will wait until it has moved away to release the food.

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