Tom Riley

I have a passion for all things design and engineering, I understand the need to come up with innovative ideas/solutions to maintain and improve product performance, reliability and sustainability.

I enjoy finding innovative ways to solve complex technical problems. As well as the design aspect of product development I enjoy the manufacturing process and the ability to see things progress through all stages of development.

Whilst working for Pirelli, I gained valuable experience from liaising with suppliers to ensure delivery and installation of key components. I utilised my CAD skills to find and create effective solutions to technical problems.

+44 7816 638186



A retractable cable reel for electric vehicles with Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone making charging on the go quicker, easier, cleaner and more convenient. Designed for use with portable charging cables, CR-EEL© uses your existing cable – no wiring required, and means it is ready to use - tangle free.

“Having watched electric vehicle users struggling with dirty cables in all weathers and hurriedly throwing them into a car boot, I wanted to create a product that makes charging on the go quicker, easier, cleaner and more convenient for all.”
The Department for Transport (DfT) aims to have and additional 10,000 charge points across the UK by 2035. As traditional combustion engines are phased out, the hybrid / electric vehicle market is set to grow, and the need for convenient, quick, easy, and clean charging will be an important consideration in its up take.

CR-EEL© avoids the need to gather in dirty cables and wrestle them into flimsy storage bags. The unit has been aesthetically designed with durability in mind, its impact resistant casing protects your cable and eliminates tangle. Simply insert your cable and CR-EEL© is ready to go.


A modular knife block manufactured solely by extrusion. The knife block has been created to meet the ever changing needs of the modern family home. The unit has been functionally designed to suit compact living spaces, with an urban approach to aesthetics.

The modular design allows users to tailor their knife block to their culinary needs. Each module has been designed to be slim and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and elimination of germs. All module sizes utilise the same inter-lock mechanism to maximise block size diversity.

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