Conversations on Design

Conversations On Design is an annual guest lecture series, presenting industry insight from prominent creative professionals to our Product Design students at Nottingham Trent University.  


Between March and June 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this became a student-led IGTV series with ten episodes. In each episode, a designer speaks honestly to camera from their home studio, answering student questions on their career, their current work and situation. 


The IGTV series is archived here along with a special round-up conversation between ON DESIGN PODCAST host Justyna Green with students Georgia Cook and Kate McCormack.

Episode 1
Episode 4


Joe Gibbins, Packaging Design Engineer, Unilever 

Joe talks about his design role at FMCG giant Unilever, within Hair Care Packaging, alongside some tips and recommendations for current students. 

Chris Holden, Founder and Creative Director, Ajoto 

Chris talks about his education, career and being the founder and Design Director of @ajoto ! As well as any tips he has for students at this time. 

Episode 2


Reid Schlegel, Senior Industrial Designer, Aruliden 

Reid talks about his industrial design role at agency @aruliden in NYC, as well as his teaching at Parsons School of Design. Reid takes us through his background and some tips/recommendations for current students, including how to stay proactive when it comes to applying to jobs.

Episode 5

Nicholas Baker, Industrial Designer, Almost Object 

Nick talks to us all the way from Brooklyn, NY about being an independent industrial designer with his own studio. Consulting with a range of clients, from the tech industry to pet products, Nick gives us an insight into his career alongside any advice he has for students right now! 

Episode 3


Vicki Leach, Design Director, Deadgood 

Vicki talks about her career, Design Director role at Deadgood and being the Co-Founder of @twogirls_co ! As well as any tips she has for students at this time.

Episode 6


Alice Walsh, Director, Alice Made This 

NTU alumni @alicemadethis talks us through her amazing career and her jewellery brand, alongside what it's like working from home with her business partner/husband and 3 children! She gives us her advice for final years at this time, as well as how she's staying motivated. They have been doing some amazing charity work and if you'd like to see more conversations on business then head over to their IGTV Isolation Diaries Series! 

Episode 7

Joe Parker, Furniture Designer, Marks & Spencer  

NTU alumni @jn.parker talks to us about his career post university, including his current Furniture Design role at M&S. Alongside any advice he has for our design students at this time! 

Episode 8

Nat Maher, Founder, Kerning The Gap 

Nat talks to us about her amazing career within design agencies alongside being the founder of @kerningthegap, empowering women in design across the UK! She takes us through her previous roles and the new adventure she is taking on now as a consultant. Such a great and positive watch for you this afternoon, hopefully it inspires you to make a difference within our design 

Episode 9


Winston Moy, Designer/Maker, Carbide 3D 

Winston talks to us about his career so far and his love of making! Talking to us about machining and manufacture, alongside any advice for our students, it makes an insightful watch over your lunch break! 

Episode 10
Episode 10

Nicole Crentsil, Cultural Curator 

NTU alumni Nicole Crentsil, cultural curator, public speaker and festival director, talks to us about her amazing career and highlights so far. Alongside what it's like for her in lockdown and any advice/recommendations she has for our design students! @unmaskedwomen 

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