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BSc (Hons) Product Design

Clinton Anaso

I am a designer with an interest in the development and innovation of medical products. After my education I would like to follow a career path in the design and manufacturing of medical products, as they are a fundamental component to the health care industry, and essential in the treatment and diagnosis of conditions.

Stroke Aid Spasticity Glove

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

Motion-ExoStop is a spasticity glove that preserves progress gained from physiotherapy during the night by preventing the hand from regressing to its spastic form. The inspiration that brought forth this design is my fascination
to the medical field and the products that are used in it.


Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

Nera-BinTech is a medical disposal bin made out of recycled plastic that waste disposal staff can use in hospitals. It exploits the longevity and durability of plastics by allowing recycling to be implemented, minimising the impact that clinical waste has on the environment.

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