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BA (Hons) Product Design

Tom Lacey

As a designer, I enjoy all types or creative challenges but have a in-depth industry experience in the design of fitness and wellness products. I excel at investing a broad range of solutions and visually communicating my ideas to client's through a range of physical and digital mediums.


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Equivision is a riding helmet with internal cameras, removing the need for externally mounted hat-cams. Having the camera technology built into the helmet makes the riding experience more comfortable and safer. The cameras act primary as a deterrent to dangerous drivers. Research shows that driving behaviour improves when riders wear a head cam, making hacking a safer and more enjoyable experience. In the case of an accident on the road, footage recorded by the camera can be used as evidence in a court of law. To improve the products effect as a deterrent users can buy equivision branded clothing and accessories.

FLO: Your Home Physio

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Flo looks to improve older adult's physical stability by encouraging movement and improving the traditional process of physiotherapy. After the age of 30 muscle mass deteriorates at a rate of 3-5% per decade if left untrained. This loss in muscle mass leads to a variety of physical health problems including risks of a lethal fall (30% of over 65s have a deadly fall each year). Flo is a home physiotherapy device, its function consists of; personal physio programs, AI-supported physiotherapy, AI form prompts, calls with physiotherapist's, live classes, a library of on-demand classes, reminders, activity prompts, and goal setting/progress monitoring.

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